Thursday, November 25, 2010

Popissue Spring Summer 2010

Launched in Sydney in 2005, Popissue is a unique cutting-edge menswear label and is design-conscious in every sense of the words. The garments themselves are appreciated for their quality fabrics & flattering cuts; prints are a combination of hand drawn imagery & pop-art collage celebrating & subverting pop culture.

Each Popissue collection brings a new mood & a new look to its wearers; the only constant is the originality of the prints & the quality of the clothes themselves.

Popissue by Konrad Opala is now stocked in boutiques in every major Australian city and has achieved positive response from customers as well as strong support from pleased stockists.

After successfully developing Popissue for the past three years, Konrad has recently added a new dimension to the label, designing avant garde clothing and accessories for rock bands. This is not only a perfect fusion of his love for design, fashion and music - indeed it has proved to be a clever commercial step. Recent history proves the extent to which rock stars influence the style of the younger generations - fashion on the stage is the precursor of the fashion in the streets.

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