Friday, November 26, 2010

Current: Singapore Swim Trunks Controversy

In style, we fashionistos/fashionistas know no limit in expressing our thoughts and emotions in our manners of dressing and accessorizing - even if people sometimes think it is foul or offensive or worse, discriminating if you live in a depot of conservatism and religion. Recently, the Singapore Water Polo Team was bombarded with comments and criticisms regarding the controversial issue of the swim trunks worn during the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The sporting design of the trunks was a crescent moon and 5 stars, incorporating the elements of the National Flag.

There were comments which find the design as bold as it shows the creativity and openness in the Singaporeans. Others says to irradicate the design  only shows shallowness and should never go uproar over something so trivial.

Though most find it as disgraceful to the National Flag. The team meanwhile, intend no plans to disrespect anyone even a National symbol, apologized and will work with the designers to change the design immediately upon their return.

What do you think though?

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