Saturday, November 27, 2010

VMAN: Once Upon A Time

Coat Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010
horn headpiece AND_I
Necklace Georg Jensen

Sweater John Varvatos F/W 2010
Leggings Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2010
Hat a child of the Jago
Necklace Bjørg
belt 3.1 phillip lim f/w 2010
Arm Warmers By Malene Birger F/W 2010
socks happy socks
Boots J.W. Anderson f/w 2010

Scarf (worn over shoulders) Topshop unique F/W 2010
Sweater and hat Katie Eary F/W 2010
Boxers Diesel F/W 2010
Watches Georg Jensen
Socks Happy Socks
Boots J.W. Anderson f/w 2010 

Shirt Paul Smith F/W 2010
Pants and belt Ashish F/W 2010
Hat Vivienne Westwood MAN F/W 2010
Boots Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010

Coat Burberry Prorsum F/W 2010
Shorts Comme des Garçons Homme Plus F/W 2010
Leggings Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2010
Hat Topshop unique F/W 2010
Arm warmers By Malene Birger F/W 2010

 Fur coat and hat Vivienne Westwood MAN F/W 2010Jacket Peak Performance F/W 2010Leggings Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2010Boots J.W. Anderson F/W 2010
All images from VMAN: Once Upon A Time 

VMAN: Youth in Revolt


I used go to the Royal School of Ballet in Copenhagen, but i quit when I was 11 or 12. I love Copenhagen. I go out if there's something fun going on, but I'd rather stay home and drink with my friends on the weekends. Right now I have two piercings: smiley and septum. I'm thinking about getting my hips pierced soon.


I guess you would call it a rave bus. My friends helped organize—basically they DJ while the bus drives everyone around to all the parties going on that night.



Yeah, I guess we kind of represent the Copenhagen shoegazer scene. But we are doing really well elsewhere too. We released an EP a few months ago with the London label Club AC30, and have been playing over there a bunch. On our first trip we took an eighteen-hour ferry ride from Copenhagen. The apartment on the boat was way nicer than the hostel we stayed at in London.


Our music's built on teenage lust. Like these parties we do at a lake every summer. Everyone is just fucking everybody at that party. Love love love. It's kind of like that. Or maybe like when you are in a relationship and it feels nice—but there is the feeling that it is going to hurt in the end.


I’d like to become a photographer; right now I’m looking forward to a trip to Ghana.

Photography Hedi Slimane for VMAN.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Current: Singapore Swim Trunks Controversy

In style, we fashionistos/fashionistas know no limit in expressing our thoughts and emotions in our manners of dressing and accessorizing - even if people sometimes think it is foul or offensive or worse, discriminating if you live in a depot of conservatism and religion. Recently, the Singapore Water Polo Team was bombarded with comments and criticisms regarding the controversial issue of the swim trunks worn during the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The sporting design of the trunks was a crescent moon and 5 stars, incorporating the elements of the National Flag.

There were comments which find the design as bold as it shows the creativity and openness in the Singaporeans. Others says to irradicate the design  only shows shallowness and should never go uproar over something so trivial.

Though most find it as disgraceful to the National Flag. The team meanwhile, intend no plans to disrespect anyone even a National symbol, apologized and will work with the designers to change the design immediately upon their return.

What do you think though?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Patrick Stephan Autumn Winter 2010

Francophone Patrick Stephan began his career embroidering corsets for Mr. Pearl and designing alongside John Galliano at his namesake line and Christian Dior before moving to begin his own line. 

Popissue Autumn Winter 2010

Launched in Sydney in 2005, Popissue is a unique cutting-edge menswear label and is design-conscious in every sense of the words. The garments themselves are appreciated for their quality fabrics & flattering cuts; prints are a combination of hand drawn imagery & pop-art collage celebrating & subverting pop culture.

Each Popissue collection brings a new mood & a new look to its wearers; the only constant is the originality of the prints & the quality of the clothes themselves.

Popissue by Konrad Opala is now stocked in boutiques in every major Australian city and has achieved positive response from customers as well as strong support from pleased stockists.

After successfully developing Popissue for the past three years, Konrad has recently added a new dimension to the label, designing avant garde clothing and accessories for rock bands. This is not only a perfect fusion of his love for design, fashion and music - indeed it has proved to be a clever commercial step. Recent history proves the extent to which rock stars influence the style of the younger generations - fashion on the stage is the precursor of the fashion in the streets.

Patrick Stephan Spring Summer 2011

Francophone Patrick Stephan began his career embroidering corsets for Mr. Pearl and designing alongside John Galliano at his namesake line and Christian Dior before moving to begin his own line. 

Liria Pristine

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